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Infrared Ip Dome 1080p Ip66 Avf

Infrared Ip Dome 1080p Ip66 Avf

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Referentie: NDI-50022-A3
Taal: UK

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vandal resistant outdoor dome with varifocal lens
ideal for outdoor use, the ik10-rated design is suitable for installations where a vandal resistance is important. the camera is protected against water and dust to ip66 standards. the varifocal lens allows you to choose the coverage area to best suit your application. mounting options are numerous, including surface, wall, and suspended-ceiling mounting. the automatic zoom/focus lens wizard makes it easy for an installer to accurately zoom and focus the camera for both day and night operation. the wizard is activated from the pc or from the on-board camera push button making it easy to choose the workflow that suits best.