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Autodome 4000 Hd 1080p 12x Pend Cl

Autodome 4000 Hd 1080p 12x Pend Cl

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Referentie: NEZ-4212-PPCW4
Taal: UK

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The autodome ip 4000 hd is a compact, indoor ptz dome camera with a high-resolution 1080p25/30 (2mp) hd sensor and a powerful 12x optical zoom that allows operators to monitor wide scenes without losing any details. the camera's aesthetic design and flexible mounting options allow unobtrusive surveillance of large halls, reception areas, or waiting areas that would otherwise require multiple cameras for effective surveillance. built on the robust imaging technology from bosch, the camera is carefully tuned to maintain accurate coloring and to capture details of objects or faces in scenes with bright ambient lighting. the camera provides complete network-based control of all functionality including pan/tilt/zoom operation, presets, tours, alarms, and web-based configuration of all camera settings. the camera is designed on advanced encoding and imaging technology from bosch which allows high- resolution video streaming on the network with at least 50% less storage than any standard ptz camera.