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HP Moonshot-45XGc Switch Module

HP Moonshot-45XGc Switch Module

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Performance with Efficiency


Kenmerk1GbE out-of-band management port shared with iLO Chassis Manager for SSH or telnet sessions; sFlow and standard SNMP MIBs for detailed switch statistics and telemetry; Quality of Service (QoS)
Kenmerk450Gb Ethernet
Kenmerk45XGc Switch Module
KenmerkForm factor
KenmerkManagement features
KenmerkMaximum supported servers
KenmerkPort Speed
KenmerkProduct differentiator
KenmerkSpecific to Moonshot 1500 Chassis
KopregelManageability at Scale
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Voornaamste verkoopargumentDelivers high-density and low-power switching with Layer 2 and Layer 3 routing for ideal performance.
Voornaamste verkoopargumentEach HP Moonshot-45XGc Switch Module provides a 1 GbE out-of-band management port shared with iLO Chassis Manager for SSH or telnet sessions.
Voornaamste verkoopargumentInstrumented for Quality of Service (QoS).
Voornaamste verkoopargumentNo license keys required to enable manageability features.
Voornaamste verkoopargumentProvides a dedicated, low-latency 10 GbE bandwidth path to each node in a Moonshot system.
Voornaamste verkoopargumentProvides sFlow and standard SNMP MIBs support for detailed switch statistics and telemetry.
Voornaamste verkoopargumentThe HP Moonshot-45XGc Switch Module offers redundant, dual switches that provide traffic isolation and have the ability to stack for resiliency.
Voornaamste verkoopargumentWhen paired with Moonshot-4QSFP+ Uplink Module, the Moonshot-45XGc Switch Module delivers higher I/O performance with reduced oversubscription.