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XenServer Std. 6.5+-Edu (4051224)

XenServer Std. 6.5+-Edu (4051224)

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Referentie: 4051224
Taal: UK

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While the core server virtualization market has matured, virtualization itself is seeing continued innovation and momentum in the growing cloud market where enterprises and service providers are building private and public clouds. Citrix XenServer and the Linux Foundation Xen ProjectT already power many of the world's largest clouds and are quickly becoming the de facto standard for cloud infrastructures. To meet these new demands, XenServer has undergone a platform modernization for maximum horizontal scalability and increased performance, density, flexibility and cloud readiness.

Key Benefits

  • Cloud-proven virtualization
  • Open source, community-driven
  • Value without compromise
  • Virtualize any infrastructure


  • CloudPlatform integrations
  • Resilient architecture
  • Network isolation and protection
  • Strong open source heritage
  • High-performance virtual infrastructure
    • XenServer
    • XenCenter management
    • XenMotion
    • XenServer Conversion Manager
  • Datacenter automation
    • High availability
    • Site recovery
    • Host power management
    • VM snapshots
    • Memory optimization
    • XenMotion
  • Advanced integration and management
    • IntelliCache
    • Heterogeneous pools
    • Role-based administration
    • Performance reporting and alerting