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USB2.0 Smart Card ID reader

USB2.0 Smart Card ID reader

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Referentie: EW1052
Taal: UK

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Need to read your eID or Smart Card? This compact Ewent EW1052 USB Smart Card Reader allows you to read your eID or Smart Card easily and safely anywhere! It is easy to install and to use.


  • Supports all common Smart Cards
    • It is designed to meet all major Smart Card standards and specifications in ID-1 card format, including personal identification cards. The Card Reader is convenient for e-Commerce, e-Business, digital signatures, authentication and access protection. The card reader is CAC approved and compliant with PC/SC as well as WHQL.
  • Fitted with USB interface
    • The Eminent EW1052 USB Smart Card Reader is fitted with a USB 2.0 port but also compliant with USB 1.1. The transmission speed is 12 Mbps (USB 2.0).
  • No additional power needed
    • You do not need additional power adapters or extra cables.The card reader is bus powered, just plug in the 1m USB cable to your computer and use it instantly.


  • Read your EID or Smart Card anywhere
  • Compatible with Belgium eID cards
  • Supports ISO 7816, T=0 or T=1 protocols
  • Complies with PC/SC 1.0/2.0, EMV 4.1 and WHQL
  • Fitted with USB 2.0 interface (compliant with USB 1.1)
  • Suitable for Windows (USB CCIID, WUDF), and Macintosh
  • Easy installation


  • Interface: USB 2.0 (USB 1.1 compliant)
  • Standards: ISO 7816, EMV2 2000 Level 1
  • Protocols: T=0, T=1, 2-wire: SLE 4432/42 (S=10), 3-wire: SLE 4418/28 (S=9), I2C (S=8)
  • Power LED: Blue colour
  • Activity LED: Red colour
  • Power: USB Bus powered
  • Cable length: 1m
  • Dimension (WxHxD): 60x10x68 mm